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Spelling City

Theme 1- All About Me
Words in a sentence
Syllable Blending
Syllable Segmentation and Deletion
M, S, R, T

Alphabet websites:

Theme 2- Families
Rhyming Words
N, P, K, C- See Alphabet Websites

Theme 3- Friends at School
Rhyme Recognition and Production
Onset/Rime Blending- (Listening discrimation websites)
C- See Alphabet Websites

Theme 4- On the Farm
Phoneme Isolation- Beginning, Middle and End
  • Chicken Coop - phoneme matching
  • Kasounds - A Simon Game - musical memory game that gets you to copy the sounds you hear.
  • Memory - In the memory game, listen carefully and find the matching animal sounds. Click on the window to make the animal appear and hear its sound. Click on the other windows to find its match. When you match all of the sounds, play again or go to the next level.
  • Musical Instrument Match Game - Listen to the sound the instrument makes and match the instrument with the sound.
  • Phonemic Segments - Deletion and Substitution - Lanolin's Greenhouse - Click on the object that matches the new word with beginning letter replacement.
  • Phonemic Segments - Deletion and Substitution - Pumpkin Patch - Click on the object that matches the new phoneme without the beginning letter sound. Excellent practice for students that have a hard time hearing individual phonemic parts!
Short I

G & F- See Alaphabet Websites

Theme 5
Site Words-
  • Body Parts - Move the pictures by using the arrow on the right to match the word.
  • Coconut Words - Three Levels. Click on correct word to complete sentence.
  • Crossword puzzles using Dolch Sight Words - Select a lesson and fill in the missing word.
  • Sight Words - Read sight words, then type them in the box.
  • Dolch List Practice - online activities to practice sight words.
  • Missing Letters - Find the matching sight word and type in the missing letters.
  • High Frequency Words - 6 activities using sight words. Drag correct word in blank to complete the sentences
  • I Can Read Game - Listen to the sentence then click on the spoken word.
  • Sight Words with Samson - Listen to the word has he pronounces it, spells it and uses it in a sentence.
  • Sight Words - Match the word with the picture. Many, many selections
  • Sight Words - Dolch Words, if you don't know the word, move your mouse over it and it will tell you what it is. Practice the words, then take the quiz.
  • Sight Word Practice Quizzes - Many quizzes and levels
  • Star Writer - Words are written with stars. Click on the domes to hear the word read and click on the dome that says the word. (caution, UK site with British accents may confuse some students.)
  • Three plays - Starfall site - Read and act out plays.
Short I- Practice pagesB & K- See Alphabet Websites

Theme 6- Let's Play

Theme 7- In the Neighborhood
Phonemes and Word Building

Theme 8- Jobs People Do
Phonene Bleding and Segmentation

Main Idea (Online Stories)

Theme 9- Animals All Around

  • Phonics-Word Builder – Three dozen different combining sound activities are available in the following categories; abc’s, short vowels, long vowels, other vowels, beginning consonants and final consonants. Word parts are read individually, blended, and then followed by a sentence accompanied by an illustration. Ignore the registration screen that pops up, select Maybe Later to go directly to the activity.
  • Poem Pack - Ten colorful poems with animation, audio and activities - featuring Daisy the snail, the toad and the goat, and friends. Read it, Hear it, search for sounds, and find words concentrating on vowel blends.
  • See 'N Spell - Students click and drag letters into the box to spell the words that correspond to the pictures. A very good activity with many skills such as plurals, long vowels, short vowels, blends and digraphs.
Details and Main Idea

Theme 10- On the Go
Word Building
Draw Conclusions
  • And Then... - Look at each picture, and then underline the sentence that tells what will probably happen next. (print material)
  • End the Story - Cut out the pictures on the bottom of the page. Decide which picture goes with each story. Paste the pictures on the page. Color the pictures. (print material)
  • Three Stories from the Little Animals Activity Centre - The stories are read to students, and choices must be made during the story. Use these as whole class activities and ask for predictions.
    1. The Butterfly Trail
    2. The Missing Pencil
    3. The Wishing Tree
  • What Will Happen Next? - Look at each picture. Draw what you think will happen next (print material)