Spelling City

Theme 1: Finding a Way
Plot: Conflict and Resolution

Sentences: Complete, Declariative, Interrogative, Imperative, Exclamatory, Interjections
Character's Motives
Subjects and Predicates, Complete and Simple Subjects and Predicates
Theme 2: Common Goals
See Above

  • Sequencing Fun - Many to select from
  • Dr. Stripp - Reading Ring - Put the comic strips in sequence, then answer questions about the comic strip
Subject and Predicate: See Above
Theme 3: Go with the Flow
Compare and Contrast

Singular and Plural Nouns
Common and Proper Nouns
  • Rats!- Catch the correct type of nouns in a basket
  • Noun Dunk- Decide if the word is a common or proper noun or not a noun
Possessive Nouns
Pronouns and Antecedent
Theme 4 Dare to Be Great
Making Inferences/Drawing Conclusions

Subjective and Objective Pronouns
Possessive and Reflective Pronouns
Adjectives and Articles
Main and Helping Verbs
  • Verb Phrases - Find the complete verb phrase
  • Verb Practice - Many student tasks and online tests practicing verb usage
  • Linking Verbs - Identify types of verbs in this online quiz
  • To Be - Present and past tense online quiz
  • Be - Verb usage online quiz
  • Irregular Verbs - Jeopardy type game for two players
Theme 5- Making a Difference
Morse Code Translator: Lesson 19
Author's Purpose

Literary Devices (Reading Rocket and Test Tutor from Harcourt)
Answering Questions
Action and Linking Verbs

Verbs: Present Tense, Past Tense, Future Tense
Forms of Be
Irregular Verbs
Perfect Tense
Subject and Verb agreement
Theme 6- Feats of Daring
Summarize and Paraphrase (Reading Rocket and Test Tutor from Harcourt)
Fact and Opinion (Reading Rocket and Test Tutor from Harcourt)
Irregular Verbs- see above